A graphic depicting the arm of a computed radiography X-ray machine is shown against a purple background.

Upgrading to DR Makes Financial Sense

Digital radiography (DR) is amazing technology that is revolutionizing radiology departments across the nation (and has been for years). However, some facilities have been hesitant to upgrade from their existing computed radiography (CR) X-ray systems, mostly for financial reasons. The situation is becoming more complicated for those who are holding on to their CR systems.…
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3 young male doctors are looking at a patient's X-ray, with the doctor in the foreground holding the scan against a light board. Improvements in computer technology are shaping the future of radiology.

The Future of Radiology

Since its discovery in 1895 by Karl Roentgen, the fundamentals of X-ray imaging have changed little. Radiation, in the form of X-rays or gamma rays, is passed through the body, and the radiation forms an image on the receiving film or plate. However, the process and methods are continually refined, with recent progress corresponding to…
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A woman with short, curly hair and wearing scrubs stands in the foreground. In the background a man wearing identical scrubs is taking X-rays of a patient lying on the X-ray table — history of radiology.

The History of Radiology

The field of radiology has an amazing history. X-ray machines have been helping doctors successfully diagnose problems and provide life-saving patient care for more than 100 years. Many medical modalities, including orthopedics, trauma and urgent care facilities, cardiology, dentistry, surgical centers, and more, rely on the science of radiology and the production of X-ray images…
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A man in a dark suit is pictured from behind. He is standing at a computer monitor, preparing to speak before a large audience at the Radiological Society of North America.

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA): Where the Newest Technology Is on Display

This year, the RSNA will host its 104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting titled Tomorrow’s Radiology Today. It will be held at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, November 25th to 30th. When I hear RSNA (Radiological Society of North America), my first thought is, “Big!” I think, “Technology extravaganza!” Their annual event is where all the…
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A free-standing X-ray machine is pictured against a light blue background. Leasing medical equipment could be the best option for your medical facility.

Buying or Leasing Your Medical Equipment: How to Get the X-ray Machine You Need

Which is better: buying or leasing medical equipment? If you’re thinking about buying an X-ray machine, the best answer for you will depend on your medical practice’s or facility’s unique needs. When attempting to decide which way to go, there are two deeper questions you’ll need to consider: How much money am I willing to…
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An X-ray machine is suspended over a patient table, and there is a wall mounted X-ray machine in this radiology room. When purchasing an X-ray machine, price is important, but it isn't the only factor.

Buying an X-ray Machine — Price Tags Don’t Tell the Whole Story

The price of your new or upgraded X-ray machine is a big consideration that impacts the finances and operation of your medical practice, urgent care facility, or hospital. Southwest X-Ray understands. We also understand the phenomenon of sticker shock, but a higher-than-expected initial price is often directly related to quality, ultimately translating into long-term value.…
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