X-Ray Maintenance Means Better Patient Care

A repairman with glasses and a blue shirt works on a monitor using a screwdriver as part of routine X-ray maintenance.

There’s more to offering top-level radiology services to patients than purchasing X-ray machines and taking scans. The high level of patient care that medical facilities strive for requires both the highest scan quality and the safest conditions for patients and staff. To meet these stringent requirements, your facility’s X-ray machines must receive regular maintenance to…

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5 Ways Digital X-Ray Technology Benefits Your Practice

A digital X-ray machine is set up in a radiology imaging room, which has white walls and a dark wood floor — Benefits of X-ray.

Digital Radiography (DR) is the new frontier of X-ray imaging technology, providing benefits that can take patient care at your facility to a higher level. Without a doubt, upgrading your X-ray equipment can be a considerable investment, but we believe these 5 benefits that DR machines can bring to your facility or practice are well…

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Is It Time to Upgrade Our X-Ray Equipment? Ask These 3 Questions First

Digital X-ray equipment, including a patient table and a receptor panel, are pictured against a white background. Digital radiography is a good choice if you're upgrading to new X-ray equipment.

It’s amazing how quickly the world of medicine advances, including the field of radiology and its associated medical imaging equipment. Upgrading your facility’s X-ray equipment requires a sizeable investment. How do you know if it’s the right time to upgrade? Before tackling that important question head on, there are 3 simple questions that could help…

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Common Types of Animal X-Rays Keep Pets Healthy

A veterinary digital X-ray machine is pictured against a white background. This type of device is used to take many types of Animal X-rays.

Many of us have pets that are dear to our hearts and important to our lives. When we notice that something is wrong with them, we’re rightfully concerned. Getting them the highest quality veterinary care becomes our priority. When the veterinarian examines our pets to determine the problem and best course of treatment, chances are…

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Advances in Chiropractic X-ray Technology Lead to More Accurate Diagnoses

A woman wearing dark clothes is taking a standing chiropractic X-ray.

Advancements in X-ray technology and improved radiology techniques have taken chiropractic medicine to new levels of patient care. With more modern technology available, X-rays can be taken on site and immediately utilized to more accurately diagnose a variety of patient complaints. Better able to identify the source of various physical difficulties,  chiropractors can determine the…

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The 3D Color X-Ray Scanner: A Look Into the Future

A 3D X-ray apparatus, comprised of 2 machines, is pictured against a white background.

Radiology is a dynamic and rapidly progressing branch of the medical field that is developing new and improved diagnostic techniques to help doctors discover disorders, develop treatment plans, and deliver the best medical care possible. One recent development with promise comes out of the University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand, where radiologist Anthony Butler, MB,…

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Upgrading to DR Makes Financial Sense

A graphic depicting the arm of a computed radiography X-ray machine is shown against a purple background.

Digital radiography (DR) is amazing technology that is revolutionizing radiology departments across the nation (and has been for years). However, some facilities have been hesitant to upgrade from their existing computed radiography (CR) X-ray systems, mostly for financial reasons. The situation is becoming more complicated for those who are holding on to their CR systems.…

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The Future of Radiology

3 young male doctors are looking at a patient's X-ray, with the doctor in the foreground holding the scan against a light board. Improvements in computer technology are shaping the future of radiology.

Since its discovery in 1895 by Karl Roentgen, the fundamentals of X-ray imaging have changed little. Radiation, in the form of X-rays or gamma rays, is passed through the body, and the radiation forms an image on the receiving film or plate. However, the process and methods are continually refined, with recent progress corresponding to…

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The History of Radiology

A woman with short, curly hair and wearing scrubs stands in the foreground. In the background a man wearing identical scrubs is taking X-rays of a patient lying on the X-ray table — history of radiology.

The field of radiology has an amazing history. X-ray machines have been helping doctors successfully diagnose problems and provide life-saving patient care for more than 100 years. Many medical modalities, including orthopedics, trauma and urgent care facilities, cardiology, dentistry, surgical centers, and more, rely on the science of radiology and the production of X-ray images…

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