If you’re looking for new X-ray equipment that will increase the speed at which you can see patients while saving you money, Southwest X-Ray is the partner you’ve been searching for.

Orthopedic practices and groups have a profound need for orthopedic X-ray equipment of exceptional quality that’s also reasonably priced. The large volumes of patients, and the subsequent large loads placed on orthopedic X-ray machines, mean you need equipment that will last a long time under significant stress.

Another aspect of orthopedic medicine that most medical suppliers fail to understand is how critical it is to maintain those volumes. Shutting down the clinic for days, or even weeks, to install new equipment is simply not a possibility.

Most orthopedic groups not only need quality equipment, at an affordable price, that will last far into the future, but they need it to be installed with little-to-no interruption to business, with the goal of increasing the speed of your patients’ visits by decreasing imaging time.

At Southwest X-Ray, we’ve worked with orthopedic groups and practices of all shapes and sizes for decades — we understand your unique needs and can help you find the perfect digital imaging solution that will increase your capacity and the speed at which you see patients while saving you money.

Once we’ve identified the product that’s best for you, we can ensure it’s installed with minimal interruption to your processes and your business.

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Podiatry X-Ray Machines

Southwest X-Ray is also a provider of quality podiatry X-ray machines — podiatrists regularly need access to specialized digital imaging equipment customized to the unique needs of their patients.

We offer a few products specifically tailored to the needs of podiatry, but you would best be served by contacting Southwest X-Ray today to discuss your practice and your precise needs — click the button to contact us now.