X-Ray Accessories


Southwest X-Ray provides a wide variety of X-ray accessories and equipment. If you haven’t yet, take a look at some of our products — however, if X-ray accessories are all you need, you’ll want to take a look at our partner Techno Aide’s website.

The majority of our X-ray accessories are sold primarily to existing clients — we’ve found that X-ray machines from other providers may not have been properly maintained, and though we may be able to provide some accessories, such equipment may simply require replacement or extensive repair.

In these cases, we try to avoid selling X-ray accessories for equipment that needs to be replaced. If you suspect you may need new X-ray equipment, click the button to contact a service representative today.

However, if you’re certain your equipment is in good working order and does not require service, maintenance, or replacement, and you simply need to order a few digital imaging accessories, then click the button below to browse X-ray accessories from our partner Techno-Aide.

Techno-Aide is one of the leading providers of digital imaging and X-ray accessories — simply choose the products you’d like to purchase, return to this website, and click the button to contact us about the products you’d like to buy.


Techno-Aide has always focused on the needs of radiology technologists and the medical community. Their top-quality products and focus on innovation are the reasons their customers are so consistently loyal.


Ready to make a purchase? Click the button to contact us and let us know which Techno-Aide products you’d like to purchase.