Carestream CBCT X-ray machine for 3D extremity images on a brown background with add copy saying quality, convenience, confidence.

CBCT Means Better On-Site Patient Care

Let’s discuss what the new advances in CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) and POC-CT (Point-of-Care Computed Tomography) could mean for your orthopedic or chiropractic practice. Health care providers who work with patients suffering from injuries or severe discomfort often feel discouraged when they are forced to refer a patient in pain to another facility for…
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Konica Straight Arm X-ray machine pictured against a white background.

U-Arm and Straight-Arm X-ray Machines — Solutions to Limited Space

Let’s talk about how digital radiography, U-arm, and straight arm digital X-ray machines could radically increase your ability to provide superior in-house services to your patients. As a medical provider, you undoubtedly place a high priority on providing the widest range of the highest quality care possible to your patients, right then, right there, on…
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