Advances in Chiropractic X-ray Technology Lead to More Accurate Diagnoses

Advancements in X-ray technology and improved radiology techniques have taken chiropractic medicine to new levels of patient care.

With more modern technology available, X-rays can be taken on site and immediately utilized to more accurately diagnose a variety of patient complaints.

Better able to identify the source of various physical difficulties,  chiropractors can determine the best course of treatment for their patients more quickly and more accurately.

A woman wearing dark clothes is taking a standing chiropractic X-ray.

Chiropractic X-rays: Increasing the Quality of Patient Care

Chiropractic X-rays provide an abundance of information that allows the chiropractor to choose how they can best treat each individual case.

Every chiropractic case is different. While many cases will not require imaging, more serious cases will need a personalized treatment plan and course of therapy based on the most complete and most accurate information available.

In these more complex situations, high-quality X-ray scans help chiropractors to:

  • Identify a symptom, condition, or abnormality, such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, or spinal stenosis
  • Obtain important details that can guide treatment
  • Keep doctors current on patient records and progress
  • Explain a patient’s condition and treatment plan more effectively

Simply put, advances in radiology have allowed doctors to form more effective diagnoses and deliver a higher level of patient care.

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The Evolution of Chiropractic X-rays

As radiology has advanced overall, steady improvements have been made in chiropractic applications.

Chiropractic X-ray started out with radiographic film and chemical processors, just like the rest of the medical field. With the later development of Computed Radiography (CR), chiropractors were able to see an increased definition of the spine.

Now that chiropractic X-ray has moved into the Digital Radiography (DR) realm, chiropractors are getting an even more precise view.

More specifically, the extremely enhanced scans provided by DR technology have increased the ability to see all angles of the vertebrae, as well as the spaces in between.

Digital Format Increases Diagnostic Capabilities

Additional tools built into DR imaging systems’ software allow doctors to take various measurements, zoom in and out, utilize light inversion, and capture 14” x 36” full-spine digital images. These tools give chiropractors the ability to treat patients with a much greater degree of accuracy.

Increases in clarity and accuracy aid chiropractors in making a more accurate diagnosis. Chiropractors can utilize digital images of the entire spine, as well as the pelvis. Instead of looking at 3 to 4 separate images, doctors can now analyze one full image.

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Southwest X-Ray Can Help

These advancements save time, but they also raise the level of patient care possible.

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