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Buying an X-ray Machine — Price Tags Don’t Tell the Whole Story

An X-ray machine is suspended over a patient table, and there is a wall mounted X-ray machine in this radiology room. When purchasing an X-ray machine, price is important, but it isn't the only factor.

The price of your new or upgraded X-ray machine is a big consideration that impacts the finances and operation of your medical practice, urgent care facility, or hospital. Southwest X-Ray understands. We also understand the phenomenon of sticker shock, but a higher-than-expected initial price is often directly related to quality, ultimately translating into long-term value.…

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Digital Radiography and PACS — Critical Advantages for Your Facility

A flow chart and graphic show how digital radiography and PACS work together to to provide critical patient data and high-quality X-ray scans to various workstations.

For medical facilities to offer the most effective patient care possible, smooth and instantaneous access to patient data that includes X-ray images must be available on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combining DR (digital radiography) and PACS (picture archiving and communication system) can meet that need. Digital radiography with PACS provides…

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EOS X-Ray Technology — Why This Costly Solution Is Rarely Right for Your Business

Pictured is an EOS X-ray machine against a white background. The machine is fitted for taking full body scans.

EOS X-ray technology provides amazing possibilities for cases that presented orthopedic practices with serious challenges in the past. However, the fact is that most practices and hospitals will have no need for this technology — other more affordable pieces of equipment are often more appropriate. EOS X-ray imaging, based on a Nobel prize-winning advancement in the…

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Radiation Protection Devices — How to Inspect Your Lead

A male radiology technician wears a blue, full-length lead apron, an important radiation protection device for lab staff members.

In a previous post about the Texas Department of State Health Services’ required X-ray inspection process, I mentioned the need to present your facility’s Annual Evaluation of Protective Devices (AEPD) documentation to state inspectors. Let’s discuss this evaluation of your radiation protection devices more thoroughly. The radiation protective devices referred to in the AEPD are…

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X-ray Inspection: Be Prepared for the Inevitable

A blue X-ray protection device is shown on a white background. Protection equipment is an important part of any X-ray inspection.

If you have an X-ray machine at your medical practice or facility, you can rest assured that the inspector will, at some point, be paying you a visit. These inspections, conducted by the Department of State Health Services, are random and unannounced. If you’re not ready for them, you can expect to find yourself in…

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Portable X-ray Machines: 4 Benefits That Increase Patient Care Potential

A woman wearing scrubs pushes a large, wheeled portable X-ray machine. Portable X-ray machines offer a number of benefits that increase patient care.

Conventional radiology rooms serve a definite purpose in patient care. However, despite their enormous capabilities, these fixed locations are not without their limitations. Many medical practices are turning to the benefits of portable X-ray machines to increase versatility, add convenience, and improve their patient care capabilities. The benefits of portable X-ray machines include the following:…

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The Section 179 Deduction: Money-Saving Opportunities

Pictured are the hands of someone in a lab coat writing on a clipboard with computer, glasses, a phone and computers on the desk. The doctor is perhaps calculating his Section 179 deduction for medical equipment.

When we hear the words IRS and tax deductible, most people cringe. We instinctively prepare ourselves to be confused and overwhelmed with complicated rules. Actually, the Section 179 Deduction that allows you to deduct business purchases (like medical equipment) isn’t so complicated., a website that’s dedicated to making it easier to understand, explains it…

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Digital Radiography Detectors — What You Need to Know

A woman using a digital radiographic plate — there are a few differences between plates.

Digital radiography detectors are X-ray capture devices developed to replace the film and chemical development processors used by conventional analog X-ray technology. Digital radiography technology provides a number of advantages, such as the following: Increased speed Superior image quality Immediate image acquisition Option for immediate retakes as needed All of these advantages combine to produce…

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Upgrading to Digital Radiography — Now Is the Time

A detailed image of the insides of a digital radiography plate — upgrading to digital radiography is now easier than ever

When digital radiography hit the scene a little over a decade ago, it promised a lot of upside when compared to conventional analog X-ray technology. There were certainly a lot of benefits to going digital, including: Increased safety through reduced radiation Superior X-ray image enhancement Enhanced X-ray image quality Reduction of required storage Elimination of…

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