About Us

Southwest X-ray is a full-service imaging company that provides sales and service throughout the entire state of Texas. Achieving the highest level of Customer satisfaction has always been, and will always be our primary goal.

We are positioned to be a leader in the distribution and marketing of innovative medical imaging equipment and media.


Southwest X-Ray is the largest and most respected Independent Medical Imaging Distributor in Texas.

Being the largest places more emphasis on our ability to gain and maintain your respect. To each customer inquiry, with each service call, and with every order we take, our courteous and knowledgeable staff bring an unsurpassed level of customer service; the basis of our reputation.


The Sales Team at Southwest X-Ray brings years of industry based knowledge and expertise to our customers. In addition, our sales team is completely supported by our provider network. For our customers, this means we bring the most extensive knowlege base the industry has to offer.

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