Quantum Medical Imaging

Quantum Medical Imaging

X-Ray Machines and Digital Imaging Products

Southwest X-Ray specializes in providing quality digital imaging and x-ray machines at affordable prices. One of the premier brands we sell is Quantum Medical Imaging, a division of Carestream that offers highly innovative digital radiographic system solutions utilizing the most advanced DR technologies.

Quantum Medical Imaging systems and products are now sold and installed in over 150 countries around the globe. Designed by a team of engineers with extensive input from technologists, Quantum Medical Imaging systems are ultra refined, resulting in logical and efficient operation.

This unique approach to system development simplifies radiographic examinations and assures that Quantum Medical Imaging products meet the growing needs of radiology — to date, Quantum’s Medical Imaging’s technology is proven in thousands of clinical installations worldwide.

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Though you may browse available products here, we want to ensure you get personalized service that takes into account the unique needs of your business and your patients or clients — that can only happen with the counsel and direction of one of our Quantum Medical Imaging experts.

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Southwest X-Ray is also a shareholder in National Healthcare Distributors (NHD), all of which means your hospital gets the highest quality service at prices the competition can’t hope to meet.

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Quantum Medical Imaging Products in Action

Watch these videos to get a closer look at some of Quantum Medical Imaging’s top products: