Southwest X-Ray is the largest and most respected Independent Medical Imaging Distributor in Texas.

Being the largest places more emphasis on our ability to gain and maintain your respect. To each customer inquiry, with each service call, and with every order we take, our courteous and knowledgeable staff bring an unsurpassed level of customer service; the basis of our reputation.

We are able to support every customer at every level:

  • Sales
  • Processor & Chemistry Service
  • Equipment Service
  • Planning & Design

We support large and small imaging centers, independent practices, large clinic and hospital enterprise as well as veterinary and chiropractic offices with onsite x-ray.

We are able to assist you with every facet of a new room installation, equipment upgrade or site renovation. Begining at the decision phase, through system selection, site design and construction, staff training and perpetual support and service.

Having access to the right people at the right time is key to every businesses success, and the team at Southwest X-Ray is right for you!